Families, church groups, businesses, and other local groups can make a big difference- and have fun- by volunteering as a group. Follow these simple steps to get started, and check out the group opportunities listed below.

  1. Read our Confidentiality Policy.
  2. Fill out the online group application.
    Our volunteer coordinator will get in touch with you soon after receiving your form.

Please note: Additional clearances will be required. While we want to get you involved as quickly as possible, it may take several weeks to complete this process.

Possible group opportunities:

  • Serve a meal- groups of 5 or less, available daily
    • Women’s Shelter: Lunch volunteers serve 10:00-1:00; Dinner volunteers serve 3:00-5:30
    • Men’s Shelter: Lunch volunteers serve 11:15-12:15 weekdays, 11:45-12:45 Saturdays; Dinner volunteers serve 5:15-6:15 daily
  • Special Projects (such as yard work, painting, cleaning, etc)

If your group is interested in hosting a drive on our behalf, please view our needs list and select any items that work best for you!

Important information about group projects:

  • Most of our group projects are suitable for up to 10 people, but occasionally we are able to work with larger groups on a case-by-case basis.
  • Group scheduling: any special group volunteer projects require time to plan with the appropriate departments. Please submit requests at least 30-60 days prior to the date of service.