Our Foundational Principles

Key foundational principles of Bethesda Mission’s Planned Giving Program

  • First and foremost, it is your needs and your wealth that are being evaluated, and the advice and alternatives offered must always be filtered through this primary objective
  • The values espoused by staff from Bethesda Mission and our planned giving consultant will be ethical, current with existing laws and regulations, practical, and sound with regard to your particular circumstances
  • Our approach is to always work with your professional financial, legal and insurance advisors, not competing against them, offering advice and assistance for you and your advisors to consider
  • Financial or insurance products will not be pushed as we have no vested interest in them; alternatives can be suggested that may be appropriate for your particular situation
  • Informing and conferring with appropriate family members will be strongly encouraged, anticipating their interests when wealth is distributed
  • We are committed to working with you through the entire process, making sure that the appropriate documents are implemented to fully carry out your intentions