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Pointing Kids to Jesus

With Father’s Day coming up, I’d like to share with you the story of a Bethesda staff member who is a father figure in the lives of many of our Community Center kids and teens. Andre Cooper has worked at the Community Center since 2009. Though he’s always loved working with kids, he felt called……
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A Light in the City

Have you ever had a chance to meet Serina Brown, the Community Center’s current director? You can’t escape the feeling that she’s ready to take you under her wing at a moment’s notice. It’s clear that this sense of safety and nurturing that Serina has cultivated permeates throughout the Community Center and has been a……
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Digging Deeper: Reflections from Women’s Mission guests after retreat at Sandy Cove

“What a blessing to see women who hunger for the Lord to be amidst other women whose desire is to glorify Jesus in everything that they do. And to watch the Lord, through His infinite love and care, tend to each and every need of those that worship Him.” -Shelley Brooks, Director “I witnessed women……
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Fireproofed Community Center 75% There!

by Scott Dunwoody, Executive Director The book of Daniel tells the story of three youths in the fiery furnace. Because of their faith in God, those three boys from Israel were shielded from the flames that were meant to destroy them! An angel of the Lord stood beside the three and prevented the fire from harming them. This……
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Jesus is the Conductor of My Life

by Robert R., Men’s Mission Guest I had hit a brick wall in my life. I was in the hospital for two and a half months and couldn’t work anymore. I was broke and had nowhere to go; bills, medications and other expenses wiped me out financially. I was always self sufficient and worked hard……
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