Reach One

Reach One to Inspire Hope!

Goal = 2,020 new donors by December 22, 2020

As a result of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) passed in December 2017, many non-profits have experienced a reduction in their donor base. Bethesda Mission experienced a 10% reduction as a direct result of this tax reform.

God has continued to bless Bethesda financially, so our income has remained steady since this law was passed. However, for long term sustainability, we need to acquire new donors to restore and grow our donor base.

If you are currently a donor, we’d like to ask you to identify one person in the coming year to share the vision and impact of Bethesda Mission and share the reasons you support God’s amazing work reaching into the Harrisburg community one man, one woman, and one child at a time.

This Campaign is about awareness, sharing the reasons you have for supporting Bethesda Mission, encouraging your prospect to consider learning more about the impact of this 105 year old service organization to the Harrisburg area community.

If you aren’t currently a donor, we invite you to read or watch some of our stories of hope and consider becoming a donor! For a more first-hand experience, we offer the opportunity for individuals or groups to come for a tour of one or more of our facilities.

Will you commit to telling 1 person about Bethesda Mission?