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Reach One to Inspire Hope

Imagine 24 hours before Bethesda Mission was founded in 1914, as seven prominent church and business leaders got together and in essence said, “we see men in our community who are hurting, hopeless and homeless, and with God’s leading, we have to do something about this.” In the years to follow, a Men’s Shelter was created, operating out of a railroad YMCA.

Fast forwarding to 1983, Mission leaders saw the need of hurting women who experienced abuse and the breakdown of the family, and said, “we have to do something about this,” and a Women’s Shelter was created, operating out of two old school buildings.

Then, going upstream to stem the problem, seeking to prevent kids from experiencing chaos into their adult lives, Mission leaders said, “we have to do something about this,” and a Youth Center was created out of an old fire station.

God, the Girl, and the Old Building

The stories we share about how God works in the lives of hurting men, women, and kids allow you, the donor, to experience the impact you are having – in essence, it is your gifts that are helping to write these stories of real hope. Without your weighing in on understanding who Bethesda Mission is, these hurting folks would not get the opportunity to experience lives that are very different.

You are saying, “I’ve seen the need. I hear about and sometimes experience the results firsthand, and I have to, and want to, do something about this.”

So, through the eyes of some of our donors, here are heartfelt impressions about this 105 year-old “House of Mercy” called Bethesda, spurring all of us to realize how God has led and richly blessed this ministry in the Harrisburg region:

 “I’ve always appreciated that Bethesda not only fills peoples’ physical needs but also their spiritual needs. The leadership seeks God’s direction which is crucial and the fact that the Mission has its presence right in the community can’t be understated. So this is why I’ve always felt confident about supporting Bethesda and feel you’re all a blessing. Thanks for what you do.” – Dan Weller


“We have chosen to financially support Bethesda Mission because we desire to invest for eternity. Jesus had told us to care for the hungry, welcome the stranger, and cloth the naked, and Bethesda Mission does this on a daily basis. We have personally heard and seen the stories of men, women, and children whose lives have been dramatically changed because this ministry reached them during their time of greatest distress. We are honored to play a small part in contributing to these transformed lives.

Bethesda Mission rises in our eyes because of the integrity of their leaders and their commitment to Jesus Christ. Your contributions will quickly flow to those on the streets of Harrisburg, not to administrative costs. While much social work will be done, the name of Jesus will always be lifted up.

We are pleased to have a personal connection to Bethesda Mission through an outreach ministry at our church. Every week we distribute food to needy families in Cumberland Pointe, a housing area in Mechanicsburg, predominantly occupied by Somalian refugees. Much of the food we distribute comes from the Mission Central warehouse, collected and distributed by Bethesda Mission. This food has opened new doors of understandings and friendship with our Somalian neighbors, and allowed us to live out the teachings of Jesus to care for the least.

Bethesda Mission shares the love of Christ in tangible ways throughout Harrisburg and surrounding communities, and we encourage donors to share their impressions and the impact of Bethesda Mission with their webs of influence, encouraging them to become part of this life changing ministry.” – Joel and Rachel Gordon


Bethesda Mission is poised in 2020 to realize a year of tremendous growth from your faithful gifts, which will:

  • Effectively sustain and empower our 60 dedicated staff, building into the lives of hundreds and hundreds of men, women, and kids each year.
  • Expand the ministry to children, teens, and adults at the Community Center, with the beautifully renovated former printing company site serving teens; computer and educational opportunities for all ages; community events; partnerships with several like-minded organizations and many more volunteers.
  • Expand the ministry to women by building a new Women’s Shelter, doubling capacity to 50 beds and creating a beautiful outdoor environment with gardens, greenspace for healing, and play areas for small children.
  • Expand the collaboration with Downtown Daily Bread (DDB), sharing the common theme of reaching hurting, hopeless and homeless men.

You, our donors, are a rich blessing, and so we dedicated this Appeal to the generosity of your finances, time, and prayers. Because you give, we receive the fuel for this ministry to be successful in changing the journey of hundreds of lives every year.

Here is my urgent request to you for the year 2020 at Bethesda Mission: support the Reach One to Inspire Hope Campaign during this year by sharing your enthusiasm for this ministry by engaging one person, family, business, or church to consider becoming involved in God’s compassionate and life changing work at this House of Mercy!

Our sincere and heartfelt thanks, for you are a treasure with everlasting impact!

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