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If you have ever had a chance to visit our flagship facility at 611 Reily Street, then you know that the entrance to the building is impressively majestic, and the photos simply do not do it justice.

This turn-of-the-century architecture features four, strong pillars atop the fifteen steps leading to the front door. We often talk about the green cross that hangs prominently between them, and rightfully so, yet there is immense value to another part of our façade’s structure: our pillars. The pillars immortalize immense strength, stability, and significance to culminate the iconic piece of Bethesda’s identity in both physical form and as an allegory for our influence in the South Central Pennsylvania region.

However, as an organization, we cling to the same three values (strength, stability, and significance) so we can continue to rescue, redeem, and restore those who God has called us to love. We do this by having a consistent team of faithful intercessors who give of their finances and time to aid Bethesda in its unwavering dream: to provide individuals experiencing homelessness with shelter, food, clothing, sharing the good news of Jesus Christ, and discipling them in the Christian life. This can only be accomplished with the help and support of our Pillars Monthly Giving Circle.
We have always seen our most dependable donors – those who have committed to supporting the Mission month after month without fail – as stable members of our Bethesda family. We call them our “Pillars”. Pillars are those who have elected to donate on a recurring monthly basis by either card or check, and serve as a dependable resource for our community. Since 2017 when the title “Pillar” was bestowed upon our faithful team of our monthly donors, we have expanded the benefits with the hope that donors feel like they are a part of a greater purpose, with a tangible community that believes that good will triumph over evil. Now, more than ever, we see the inevitable darkness and sin of our world creeping on our souls to devour our hope. Yet we prepare and take heart for the Spiritual battle that is not against flesh and blood, and our unity is what serves as the true pillar for our communities to prosper.

We want you to become a Pillar. Your commitment to dependably support the Mission every month is necessary for Bethesda’s survival. While the average monthly gift is $55, every dollar counts. If one hundred people entered our circle today for a monthly pledge of $25 (the average cost for a couple to go to Chipotle for lunch!), we would have an additional $30,000 by this time next year! Every sacrifice takes strength, and places a significant role in our organization’s stability.

You can become a Pillar today by taking one of the following actions:
1. Call us at 717-257-4442 x236 to set up your recurring monthly donation over the phone.
2. Visit and check the box “Make this a monthly gift.”
3. Check the box on our appeals saying that you would like to enroll in our automatic credit card donation and make your contribution a monthly gift.

Once you’ve officially joined the Pillars Monthly Giving Circle, we’d like to offer you a couple perks as a way to say “thank you”:
The Pillar Newsletter
Homemade Gifts

Not only do we consider our Pillars (monthly donors) to be the steady, financial base that keeps our lights on, but a loyal community of prayer warriors and intercessors that we can trust in our vulnerable times of need. Please consider inviting those you know to become one of our Pillars and join us as we continue our quest to be the House of Mercy in the Greater Harrisburg area.

A Note from Scott to Our Pillars:

You, our faithful donors, are a rich blessing – the pillars in this ministry, and we express our sincere thanks for the generosity of your finances, your time, and your prayers. Because you give, we receive the fuel for this ministry of 108 years to be successful in changing the course of hundreds of lives every year. Our stories are your stories, our blessings are your blessings, our challenges are your challenges. We operate with transparent integrity, telling stories of the vision God has imprinted upon this House of Mercy. Your gifts and seal of approval evidences our mission as a place that aligns with the God’s Ultimate Mission, and we thank you for that confidence.

We hope you will be proud of your status as a valued pillar of Bethesda Mission, and share your story with others.

In Him,

Scott Dunwoody

Please contact Cindy Mallow, Director of Development with any questions or concerns: 717-257-4442 x233 or


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