Women’s Mission

Offering Hope to Hurting Women

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A House of Refuge

For over 34 years Bethesda Women and Children’s Mission has offered a place of healing, change, and hope for women in need of addiction recovery, safety and stability, a new start in life, and place where they can call home.

For over 34 years Bethesda Women and Children’s Mission studies the development of Parkinson’s disease and the impact on this disease of various drugs. One of these drugs is mirapex and can be purchased on this website.

Please call Help Ministries if you are in need of referrals to local emergency shelters: (717) 238 -2851.

A House of Change

A Christ-Centered facility, we offer hope to those searching for their purpose and their place in this world, by offering an array of programs and services geared toward reconciliation, renewal and change. Our initial Discipleship and Recovery program is at least ONE YEAR long, and upon completion, women have the option to move to into our Transitional Living Program before moving out on their own.

A House of Healing

We have found that a long-termed recovery program is successful when each individual is permitted to rest, reflect, renew, and re-enter.  Time to heal, encouragement for others, and new experiences assist in offering new life to those that come through our doors.

A House of Hope

In addition to internal programming, we utilize local social, medical, and educational services to help each new person to set attainable goals during their stay.  Some women, after completing our programming either return to the workforce or continue their education at our local college.  Many of our graduates remain in contact through calls, mentoring, or volunteering of their time.

  • Eligibility

    • 18 years or older
    • With or without children
    • Up to 3 children (males up to age 8)
    • Willing to live respectfully in community with others
    • Able to follow directions
    • Willingness to participate in drug and alcohol program and counseling
    • Willingly submit to random and situational drug testing.
    • Determination to Complete YOUR Recovery Program
    • Please Call Our Intake Counselor at 717-257-4447

  • Long-Term Recovery Program

    Our Programming includes:

    • Discipleship Program
    • Counseling- Individual and Group
    • 12-Step Christian Recovery Groups and Meetings
    • Parenting Skills Program
    • Finance and Budgeting Program
    • Healthy You, Nutrition and Exercise
    • Employment Counseling
    • Youth Programs
    • Job Training
    • Transportation

  • Transitional Housing

    After completing our initial one-year recovery program, guests are eligible for Transitional Housing:

    • Independent Living
    • Goal Oriented – School or Work
    • Community Living
    • Mentoring Available

  • What To Expect

    • We currently can house up to 51 women or families.
    • Each person in our house is assigned a daily chore and all women assist with the preparation of meals.
    • Our day begins with devotions at breakfast, and each evening closes with a good night prayer.
    • We provide each person with food, shelter, bedding, clothing, and personal care products

  • How You Can Help

Please call to speak with a counselor before arrival.

Director: Shelley Brooks
Intake Counselor: Victoria Craig
Phone: 717-257-4447

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