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More than just a place to sleep…

When a person enters Bethesda Men’s Mission, they are pointed to Jesus. They are encouraged to enter into a life transforming relationship with him that will affect every aspect of their life. We believe that the answer for the men here at the mission is more than just obtaining income and housing. Our goal is to see true Life Recovery in all aspects of their lives.

When a person comes to Bethesda, they first complete an assessment, and then are connected to a Life Coach who uses it to identify areas in which the guest needs help. Together they develop goals to address these areas.

Examples of areas a guest may work on with their Life Coach are:


An individual may enter our long term, residential drug and alcohol program if they have a history of addiction. The Life Coach and guest determine if this is the needed course of treatment. This program is at least six months in length, and the guest may not be employed during this program track.

Alternatively, the Life Coach may feel that the addiction issue of a specific guest needs to be addressed through outpatient counseling and will help connect them with an outside agency while staying at Bethesda Mission. This counseling can be continued after they leave the mission.

Mental Health

Individuals who have mental health issues are connected to outside mental health providers where their issues are addressed. Mental health clinics are also held once a month at the mission to assist the men who do not yet have a mental health provider.

Medical Issues

Our on-site Medical Clinic handles client emergencies and crisis. The nurses on staff also help guests establish care with a primary Physician and coordinate appointments with other providers. Volunteer Physicians assess and treat health care issues if a guest is without a primary Physician. Specialty clinics are also available, including a Psychiatric clinic, to assist with the mental health needs of our guests.

Dental Issues

Volunteer dentists, and the Bethesda dental team, offer dental treatment to the guests while they are at the Mission. This includes a full series of x-rays, exam, dental cleaning, fillings, and extractions if needed.  Dental hygiene is very important for the optimum physical health of our guests. The lives of many guests have been changed just by improving their smile.

Life Skills

Through all the services we offer, men develop life skills. The greatest one is to be a man of God, learning to live with Godly character and integrity, in all aspects of life. Some of these include: money management, health and wellness, a good work ethic, and healthy relationships with family and friends.


We believe that focusing on income is important, but is not a first priority. The areas listed above (addiction, mental health, medical concerns, and life skills) need to be addressed first before employment is established. Some individuals may have employment while they are addressing these issues, and that is assessed by their life coach. We do request that men who are not ready for employment to refrain from it until they are in a more stable place in their life. When this occurs, men are connected with employment opportunities. They are also required to save their income and develop money management skills. Men who have social security and disability are required to do this as well.  Some that can no longer maintain employment due to medical issues, are assisted in applying for disability income if they do not have it yet. Also, help for seniors to obtain social security benefits, is given.


When the men are ready to move on from the mission, they are assisted in finding housing. They are helped with resources to find a room, apartment, or supportive housing such as a recovery house, mental health supportive housing, a personal care home, or a nursing home.

Veterans Services

We almost always have some veterans in need here at the mission. We honor and appreciate those who serve our country. VA representatives come here to the mission to help assist them with housing, counseling, medical providers, state veteran homes, and other services.

Christian Spiritual Guidance

All men at Bethesda Mission are offered the opportunity to understand there is a God who loves them and a Savior, Jesus Christ, who desires a personal relationship with them. Our entire ministry’s foundation is centered on this.

Through chapel, discipleship classes, and interaction and training with life coaches, this understanding and relationship is offered and modeled by the staff each day. The discipleship class helps individuals who desire a deeper intimate and passionate walk with the Lord, to establish foundational principles of living as a man of God. This includes getting connected with a church fellowship in which they can continue to grow in this relationship and be accountable after they leave the mission.

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    Free dinner is served for the public at 4:30pm 365 days a year. Enter through the side “food service” door.


    Please check our events calendar for special dinners on upcoming holidays.

If you or a loved one is considering coming to the Mission in need of services, please review our Welcome Brochure for more information.

Director: Bill Christian
Address: 611 Reily Street, Harrisburg, PA 17102
Phone: 717.257.4440