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Serving Men in Harrisburg

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More than just a place to sleep…

At the historic facility at 611 Reily Street, Bethesda Mission is Harrisburg’s only homeless shelter for men, offering comprehensive services for those in need.

As ministers of reconciliation, we strive to facilitate the reconciliations of men to God, to themselves and to society. Those in need of recovery due to the loss of job, home, health, emotional, mental, or spiritual support, or physical or substance abuse find themselves drawn to our ministry. By offering food, clothing, shelter, counseling and discipleship, we pave the way for reconciliation to take place.


  • Temporary/Emergency Shelter


    If you or a loved one needs temporary shelter while you get back on your feet, we offer an average initial stay of 20 days (may be longer or shorter based on individual circumstances). During this time, guests are expected to participate in daily activities, and follow house rules. The Medical and Dental Clinics are available resources during this time, and free clothing & food are provided.

    You will also have an opportunity to meet with a counselor to determine next steps. We will help determine a plan, connect you with resources, assist with housing and job searches, and/or recommend a long-term stay to work on recovery.

    Hazardous Weather

    We define “hazardous” weather as outdoor conditions that threaten life or limb. We do not want anyone to stay outside under any circumstances in those conditions. Typically these rules are in effect from Dec. 1 – March 1 every year, with additional dates as needed.

    Under hazardous weather rules, normal policies are relaxed including:

    •  Night-by-night accommodations (no 20-day check-in necessary).
    • Limited drug-testing
    • Food, warm clothing, blankets, medical care offered.

  • Long-Term Recovery

    During an initial assessment period of up to 20 days, guests may enroll in the following programs:

    New Beginnings

    This is a 4 – 5 month introductory course in recovery issues and the basics of Christianity. This program challenges each guest to evaluate the core issues of their dysfunctions and answer the questions concerning their spiritual lives.

    “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.” -2 Corinthians 5:17


    After completion of the New Beginnings program, men are eligible to become a Helmsman. This program helps restore lives that have been nearly destroyed by alcohol and drug addiction. Over 70% of Bethesda’s guests have a substance abuse problem and accompanying dysfunctional attitudes and behaviors. By providing a Christian framework for change based on the 12-step program, hearts and lives are freed from the bondage of addiction. Sharing, praying, reconciling broken relationships, and showing God’s love are emphasized in this program.

    “We proclaim Him, admonishing every man and teaching every man with all wisdom, so that we may present every man complete in Christ.” -Colossians 1:28

  • Transitional Living

    Trinity House

    Trinity House is a transitional housing facility for male graduates of Bethesda Mission’s life-changing character development programs (Helmsman Program). Applicants are first recommended by a pair of counselors and a local pastor, and each prospective resident must also be gainfully employed while receiving ongoing mentoring from an active church member.

    The goals of the transitional living program are:

    • To foster a sense of responsible self-government
    • Work on refining practical life skills.
    • The ultimate long-term aim is to transform communities through responsible men of character and integrity.


    Length of stay for each guest is determined by several factors, including the ability to cultivate and maintain solid church relationships, engaging in ongoing mentor communications, sobriety and financial stability.

    Doug Barger
    Director of Client Aftercare

  • Social Services Assistance

    Connecting people to resources

    The Social Services department meets many needs, while helping those with mental/emotional health problems find placement and treatment in sheltered environments and group home settings. In addition to our free health care, we offer eye, dental, and prescription referral/assistance, which is offered for guests registered at the Mission. Bethesda also offers help with applications for benefits to which our guests are legitimately entitled – e.g. disability, welfare, unemployment, SSI, etc. We partner closely with the VA to assist them in placing veterans into their programs. Finally, we help our guests secure proper identification, like birth certificates and photo ID’s, along with free tax filing assistance. Social Services also assists in finding housing for guests who are working or have a fixed income.

  • Daily Soupline


    Free dinner is served for the public at 4:30pm 365 days a year. Enter through the side “food service” door.


    Please check our events calendar for special dinners on upcoming holidays.

If you or a loved one is considering coming to the Mission in need of services, please review our Welcome Brochure for more information.

Director: Bill Christian
Address: 611 Reily Street, Harrisburg, PA 17102
Phone: 717.257.4440