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The Bethesda Mission Food Bank exists to support partner non-profit organizations in the Central PA region working toward the shared goal of providing food to families and individuals in need.


Recognizing that poverty and hunger are less visible, yet harder to cure in outlying areas, our food bank began in late 1996. Currently, the Bethesda Mission Food Bank warehouse stores food and supplies for Bethesda’s other ministries and distributes thousands of pounds of additional items throughout the region.

Some facts about Bethesda’s Food Bank:

  • The food bank partners with over 200 churches and other agencies in counties surrounding Harrisburg.
  • Each month, the food bank distributes 1,500 of bags of food and essential daily household products to hungry and needy individuals and families.
  • The food bank receives donations from individuals, businesses and churches both from this area as well as other locations in the Commonwealth and country. These donations are stored in Mission Central’s warehouse in Mechanicsburg which handles both dry foods and perishables with distribution handled by two trucks, one of which has refrigeration capacity.
  • In addition, church and agency staff provide holistic encouragement and support for those in need.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What counties/areas does Bethesda Mission’s Food Bank serve?

    In addition to supporting a number of organizations and food pantries in Harrisburg, our Food Bank focuses on supporting organizations working to feed the hungry in each of the counties neighboring Dauphin County.

    My family is in need. Can I pick up food directly from the warehouse location?

    Bethesda Mission’s Food Bank exists to support partner non-profits who serve the public directly at their respective locations. We provide large-scale food donations to our partners, who then provide it directly to those in need. While we do not provide food donations to individuals and families directly, we would be happy to help you make contact with one of our partner organizations that does.

    If you are in need of food, click here.

    I represent a non-profit organization that provides food to those in need. Can our organization partner with Bethesda Mission to receive food donations?

    The short answer is yes. We are always excited to hear from, and work with, organizations in our area that share our goals to feed those in need. If we are not be able to immediately serve your organization based on scheduling/staffing demands of our current partner organizations, we will try to bring you on board in the very near future.

    Please contact Bethesda Mission Food Bank office: 717.691.0410

  • Volunteer Opportunities

    • Groups to pack food bags each month: Each month our Food Bank donates 1,500 packed groceries bags of food. We are always looking for and appreciative of volunteer groups able to help us out in this capacity (Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Youth Groups, businesses, church groups, etc.) An ideal size for a group packing food bags is between 10-15 individuals.
    • Drivers to pick up/drop off donations (CDL license preferred)


    Click here to volunteer.

Our Partners

We are blessed to partner with the following organizations and businesses to continue meeting the needs of families and individuals living in poverty in the rural areas of Central PA:

If you represent an agency or business who would like to partner with us regularly, as a donor or recipient, please contact:

Jim Hutchison
Director of Food Bank

Address: 5 Pleasant View Drive, Mechanicsburg, PA 17050
Phone: 717-691-0410