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New Community Center Programming Developed

Dream program 

The Dream program serves elementary students in 1st – 4th grade.  This program will help students “dream” about their future. We use creativity to foster critical and outside-of-the-box thinking. Goals include developing creativity, improving math and reading skills, receiving homework help, and being given the opportunity to be discipled in the Christian faith.


  • Creative Arts (Music, Art, Dance)
  • Homework Help
  • Reading program
  • Math/Reading Tutoring (computer program)
  • Gospel Project Curriculum
  • Small Groups

Inspire program

The inspire program serves junior high students in 5th – 8th grade.  This program takes the next step from the dream program. We will now look to “inspire” students to start working toward their future. Goals include developing communication skills, learning to collaborate, receiving homework help, and being given the opportunity to be discipled in the Christian faith.


  • Art (comic book creation, STC storytelling through Comics)
  • Music (16 barz, musical instruments)
  • Science Projects
  • Homework Help
  • Reading Program
  • Sports (training, AAU opportunity)
  • Math/Reading Tutoring (computer program)
  • Life Skills (Overcoming Obstacles)
  • Gospel Project Curriculum
  • Small Groups

Reach Program

The Reach program serves high school students in 9th – 12th grade.  After dreaming and being inspired, now is the time to start reaching for their goals. We will give students a hands-on experience with projects while working alongside skilled, professionals who will help them develop job skills, expose them to rewarding careers, and teach Christian character.  Students will be given opportunities to increase their confidence, build skills and moral values like excellence, integrity, leadership, teamwork, respect, commitment, and creativity. We strive to ensure that all programs are interesting, exciting and relevant to the real world.

Programs are offered in three primary content areas:

  • Workforce Development – Teens work on practical/career skills through project-based learning and go on college visits and educational trips.
  • Ministry/Leadership – Teens will be mentored and given the opportunity to serve and go on mission trips.
  • Sports – Teens are trained in various sports and assisted in making highlight tapes and college visits.

    Click here to watch a video of Andre Cooper, Director of Community Center, explaining this new programming.

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