Memorials and Tributes

Memorial:                                       Given By:

Memorial: C. Richard Nye, Sr Dorothy M. Nye
Memorial: Elizabeth Wingate Eric & Sue May
Memorial: George & Barbara Breinich Annette K. Mathes
Memorial: Harold Hoy Kent & Rhonda Staver
Memorial: Jean Histand Everett & Sallie Whitley
Memorial: Jean Histand Arlene Smith
Memorial: Jean Histand Edward & Holly Lankford
Memorial: Jean Histand Dale J. Harris & Janette C. Wilcox
Memorial: Jean Histand Donald & Cheryl Goss
Memorial: Joseph Dodds John & Kim Dodds
Memorial: Keith Nolt Jennifer Nolt
Memorial: Lee Siebert Marzolf Jill Marzolf
Memorial: Nelson “Troy” Macier Your Friends in Internal Audit
Memorial: Nelson “Troy” Macier Zader Family
Memorial: Nelson “Troy” Macier Commercial Acceptance Company
Memorial: Nelson “Troy” Macier PSECU University Development
Memorial: Nelson “Troy” Macier James & Kathleen McCarthy
Memorial: Nelson “Troy” Macier Richard Long
Memorial: Nelson “Troy” Macier St. Matthew Choir
Memorial: Nelson “Troy” Macier Susan & Jeffrey Compton
Memorial: Laura Stone Sandra S. O’Donnell
Memorial: Wayne Schylaske Curtis W. Schylaske

Tribute:                                           Given By:

Tribute: Lord Jesus Christ David N. Adams
Tribute: Lord Jesus Christ Jeffrey Motley
Tribute: Pearl Bonawitz’s 100th Birthday Charlotte L. Deibler
Tribute: Gail Pennay Ruth H. Nace
Tribute: Tracey Jones & Mike Wheeler Dagmar Carroll
Tribute: Walter Glover Yolanda Glover-Ballantyne


You can inspire hope during COVID-19

At Bethesda Mission, our mission remains the same through this pandemic: to serve those who are most vulnerable in our community. Right now groceries are one of their biggest needs, so please come alongside your friends and neighbors affected by the shutdown. $25 provides groceries, meals, and other care.

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