Memorials and Tributes

Memorial:                                       Given By:

Memorial: Clair Witchey Jenny L. Dees
Memorial: Richard K. Waltz, Sr. Rick and Paulette Waltz
Memorial: Elizabeth Briner Christine Wnuk & Reuel Deppen
Memorial: Elizabeth Briner Kenneth Williams
Memorial: Elizabeth Briner Gerald & Nancy Williams
Memorial: Elizabeth Briner Joyce & Bill Van Nieuwkuyk
Memorial: Elizabeth Briner Ed & Donna Lee
Memorial: Elizabeth Briner Paul & Judith Kearney
Memorial: Elizabeth Briner Shirley I. Johns
Memorial: Elizabeth Briner Marilyn H. Jaquette
Memorial: Elizabeth Briner Glenn & Barbara Gruber
Memorial: Elizabeth Briner Mr. & Mrs. David Gottlieb
Memorial: Elizabeth Briner Donald & Jeanne Flickinger
Memorial: Elizabeth Briner Barbara G. Crossley
Memorial: Elizabeth Briner Ernest & Marilee Beinhaur
Memorial: Florence Snider Tamara Hutchison
Memorial: Florence Snider James & Pam Holzman
Memorial: Geraldine Benner Denise Evans
Memorial:  Gordon Bernardo Roseann Bernardo
Memorial:  James Edward Kopp Martin & Linda Herman
Memorial: Joseph Snavely Michael & Julia Seifried
Memorial: Joseph Snavely Melanie A. Seifried
Memorial: Joseph Snavely Robert & Karen Schankweiler
Memorial: Joseph Snavely Donald & Joanne Mateer
Memorial: Joseph Snavely Todd & Kathy Jack
Memorial:  Joseph Snavely David & Kay Brubaker
Memorial: Lee Siebert Marzolf Jill Marzolf
Memorial: Letitia “Tish” Dame Russel & Linda Goheen
Memorial: Lorna Line Richard & Cheryl Lehmann
Memorial: Ronald Katzaman Main Land River Rats

Tribute:                                           Given By:

Tribute: Cody Nicholson Michael Bentz
Tribute: Rebecca Clymer Bradley & Mishele Clymer
Tribute:  Walter Glover Yolanda Glover-Ballantyne
Tribute: Wayne Wertz John & Jen Patterson
Did You Miss Our Virtual Banquet Program?You still have time to watch!

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we held our Annual Banquet in a virtual format this year. Please watch as we celebrate the ways hope is bursting forth in people’s lives through God’s work at Bethesda Mission. Highlights include Volunteer of the Year Award, updates on building projects, and testimonies from our Men's Mission, Women's Mission, and Community Center.