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Jesus is the Conductor of My Life

by Robert R., Men’s Mission Guest

I had hit a brick wall in my life. I was in the hospital for two and a half months and couldn’t work anymore. I was broke and had nowhere to go; bills, medications and other expenses wiped me out financially. I was always self sufficient and worked hard all my life. Now I came to a place where I needed help. So I came to Bethesda Mission after getting a list of options from Help Ministries.

At first, I still had in my mind I could go back to work but Bill Christian, director, helped me understand that, with my health issues and being 76 years old, I couldn’t continue to be a landscaper. The staff at Bethesda Mission has bent over backwards for me and I was impressed with how they cared about me.

The medical department has helped me get and take my medications. I also had a couple of emergency health issues and they were quick to get me to the local hospital and to other appointments. They have helped me extensively with getting set up with the right doctors to ensure I get the optimal care for my health needs. I am in physical therapy where they work me hard and it has helped.

While at the Mission, I was able to visit some extended family when I was invited to a wedding and it was a wonderful time of connecting with family members who I haven’t seen in a long time, and even family that I had never met until then. What a blessing it was! The staff at Bethesda encouraged this and helped me accomplish this wonderful visit.

Through the chapel services and staff, I felt encouraged to get more serious about God in my life. One day I was very concerned and upset about this subject and I asked Don Koch, social services director, a few questions about religion. He shared the gospel with me and then asked if I had ever received Jesus. I said that I was never taught to do that. He then shared with me from the Bible that if we receive and welcome Jesus to be our Lord and Savior He will come into our lives and make us new so we can have a relationship with God and eternal life. I received Jesus that day and Don said that I will live with Jesus now and forever. I said, “There is nothing better than that.”

Since that day, I have graduated from the discipleship course here at Bethesda led by Kevin Murphy, chaplain, which has helped me grow in my relationship with Jesus. I also attend Bible study every week. I have more peace in my life now and have a strong sense of hope knowing my life and everything about it is in His hands. It’s wonderful to know we have a God who loves us and people who really care for you. I was not a very relational person through my life but now I have good friendships. We go through life like being on a train journey and different people get on and off the train. All my immediate family are gone but I know that Jesus is the conductor of my life.

Right now, Bethesda is family to me and they are helping me prepare to enter into a new, supportive housing situation. This time of crisis in my life has turned into a great growing experience instead.

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