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Huddy’s Birthday Buddies

For over two years, the Spiker family has been holding birthday parties for Men’s Mission guests as Huddy’s Birthday Buddies. They come each month, delivering presents, desserts, and hand-made cards.

This process began when Hudson showed interest in serving in this special way about three years ago. Though his parents, Josh and Sarah, originally thought this was a phase, he continued to affirm that he felt personally called to assist the men this way.

Hudson’s siblings (Hayden, Gracie, and Sullivan) are heavily involved as well. They make treats and pass them out to the men, talking with them as they go. Recalling the first time they all went, Josh remarked, “[The kids] all said, ‘That was the most amazing experience of our lives.'”

The men are allowed to pick their gift from a list of options, including shoes, clothing, and even some electronics. Special care is taken to make sure each individual gets what they want and that the sizing is correct.

When asked why it was important to celebrate these men’s birthdays, Josh pointed out that “some of the men have never received gifts before. Some are estranged from their families.”

They continue to assert that it is an incredible blessing to be involved with the men. Just as they have impacted our guests’ lives, they have also been changed for the better through their work.

“We can learn a lot from them,” Josh explained. “You realize how similar they are to us, and how easy it would be to end up in a similar situation.”

Huddy’s Birthday Buddies are always looking for new ways to help as well. They started serving the men omelets on Christmas this past December and are hoping to expand their offerings to other shelters.

We are incredibly grateful for the Spikers and the hope and joy they bring each month. They help rejuvenate those who desperately need to feel valued and offer tangible love to those who need it most.

If you are interested in volunteering with Bethesda Mission or want to learn more, please check out our volunteer opportunities. You can learn more and apply on our website at We look forward to serving with you!

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