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The Vision

Up on the Hill, literally, at the top of Herr Street, headed east from Cameron Street, is a small community center birthed inside an old closed-down fire station. The children and teens coming to this facility, and their families, are being fireproofed to cope with and absorb the challenges they face. They are finding hope and success, all from a foundation of experiencing the love of God expressed through the mentoring and dedication of faithful and gifted adults.

Compelling statistics proving the effectiveness of Bethesda’s efforts to stabilize and encourage teenagers can be seen through graduation rates:

Here’s where you come in

Do you remember the story from Daniel chapter 3 about the three youths in the fiery furnace? Because of their faith in God, those three boys from Israel were shielded from the flames that were meant to destroy them! An angel of the Lord stood beside the three and prevented the fire from harming them.

This powerful story parallels what we desire to do at the Community Center: build a foundation of faith in the young people God has entrusted to us, so that when they face the trials, the flames will not derail their lives, and they will have someone standing beside them through it all.

Join us in preventing these children and teens from entering our shelters as adults.  Your tax-deductible donation will raise a foundation of faith — and would mean so much to kids and families in our community. Please donate today.

YOU can fireproof a life!

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The Expansion/Renovation – Phase I

  • The expanded land and renovated facilities will enable a much greater variety of indoor and outdoor activities and services for children, teens, and adults.
  • The newly acquired .55 acres/9,000 sf former printing building will offer a full-sized gymnasium/activity center for athletics (after we raise the roof to 22’), creative arts, education and IT support systems, music studio, banquet/large event space, outdoor play area, and room for senior activities.
  • We will be able to reach 150-200 kids and families!
  • Construction began in June 2018; completion expected by the end of 2018.
  • The cost: $1.35M – these funds have been received.
  • Qualified volunteers are ready and waiting to help build multipurpose and computer rooms, offices, reception area; savings will go toward Phase II.

Bethesda Mission Community Center concept art

The Renewal – Phase II

  • 108-year-old former fire station; converted into Youth Center in 1990
  • For over 25 years, we’ve been building equity in the Herr Street community of Northern Allison Hill, Harrisburg; reaching 50-75 kids and their families annually.
  • Youth Center renovation has been determined not economically feasible. Solution: implode and build a new structure.
  • $800,000 needs to be raised for one 5,200 sf story.


Project Cost

Construction officially began in June 2018 on the adjacent property. Pictured here, the roof has been removed to make way for a full-sized gymnasium!

Total Project Cost:

Phase I          $1,350,000    (renovate new property)
Phase II        $1,100,000 (rebuild existing facility)
                      $2,450,000  Total Project Cost

Funds raised:

Phase I                 $1,350,000  Received!
Phase II               $   300,000  Received!
                             $1,650,000  Total Received

                             $   800,000  Remaining to be raised

Donate Now

How You Can Help


If …

  • 2,000 individuals, churches, or businesses give $80
  • 160 individuals, churches, or businesses give $800
  • 80 individuals, churches, or businesses give up to $8,000

…the project can be completed!

Spread the word! Download instructions here for how to set up a Facebook Fundraiser for this project!

Other ways to give

  • Cash & publicly traded securities
  • Real estate valued at actual proceeds realized by Bethesda Mission
  • Current cash value of life insurance policies where Bethesda Mission becomes the owner and beneficiary of policy
  • Estate gifts under wills and trusts paid or in process of being paid due to expiration of all intervening contingencies
  • Multi-year commitments acceptable

Naming options available for significant contributions!

Will you join us and fireproof a life today?

$80 can pay for two panels of drywall in a new classroom, or $800 could cover new flooring. Any amount will make a huge difference as we prepare to reach children, teens, and families in need.

Donate Now


Please contact Cindy Mallow at 717-257-4442 x233 or with any questions.

Gifts may be mailed to:
Bethesda Mission
PO Box 3041
Harrisburg, PA 17105

It’s time to reach more children, teens, and families!

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