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Digging Deeper: Reflections from Women’s Mission guests after retreat at Sandy Cove

“What a blessing to see women who hunger for the Lord to be amidst other women whose desire is to glorify Jesus in everything that they do. And to watch the Lord, through His infinite love and care, tend to each and every need of those that worship Him.” -Shelley Brooks, Director

“I witnessed women from all over the world gather in support of one another and to worship our one and only Lord.  It was a beautiful sight to see! The love that I felt came from so many different angles: individuals, the speakers, the Word of God…all told me that I mattered. I am somebody…and so are you. ‘Love is patient; Love is kind’” -Cynthia

“Earlier during the day my hands were literally in shackles. Connected in chains with other women, I sat in a jail cell awaiting my parole officer’s arrival. My counselor, Saran waited for me and upon my release we drove to the retreat. We arrived just in time for dinner and as I sat down tears rolled from my eyes as I realized that this morning I was in shackles and now, I am sitting at the supper table of Jesus Christ.” -Anonymous

“I learned and received that God carries me. I am set free from all that had tried to defeat me in the past, I trust Him. No man will ever hurt me again. I have laid everything I held onto at the feet of Jesus, My Savior and best friend” -Julie

“Life got ‘BRIGHTER’ while I was attending the retreat. I was in a lot of physical pain when I first got there—but when I began taking my eyes off of myself and looking at God, people around me began offering assistance to help me maneuver around the building. Someone even found a wheelchair for me to use.”  -Tammara

“This experience has brought a sense of peace in my heart knowing that God loves me just the way I am, and He meets me just where I am.” -Lonny

“I am here by God’s appointment. I am in His keeping. I am under His training. I am here for this time (Romans 8:28).  I realized that God is God and I am not. I realized that as a person who worries meant that I was ‘worshipping’ my problems. I asked God to forgive me and to change that within me.” -Ashlee

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