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Bethesda’s Outreach Ministry Has a New Name!

Here at Bethesda Mission, one thing that we’ve recognized over the years is that poverty and hunger are less visible and harder to cure in more rural areas. So in 1997, our Outreach Ministry was formed. Since then, we have partnered with churches and other agencies in counties surrounding Harrisburg to provide hundreds of bags of food and essential daily products to hungry and needy families. After these needs are met, church members are able to explore spiritual and other needs with these families.

Over the years, the Outreach Ministry has grown to become the foundation of our community-wide impact.  Those roots have impacted and will continue to feed rural families across Central Pennsylvania. In addition, Outreach has been the main point of contact in acquiring and distributing food to support the men and women staying at our shelters. It is because of this history that we have decided to rename our Outreach Ministry to the Bethesda Mission Food Bank. This new name provides a more accurate description of the extensive services that our warehouse provides and better aligns with our focus as we accept, process, inventory and donate food. We will also better be able to create a better focus with our local, regional and national donors attempting to move larger quantities of food out of their businesses or organizations. As we continue our warehouse partnership with the Mechanicsburg-based organization “Mission Central,” the quality and quantity of food moved through the Bethesda partners will help us to continue fighting hunger and homelessness.  In addition, this ministry will provide additional food support to guests staying in our shelters and families yearning to know more about a God who provides in abundant ways.




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