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Because You Gave

by Scott Dunwoody, Executive Director

You, our donors, nearly 10,000 strong, are prompted by a variety of impressions and motivations causing you to faithfully support God’s amazing work at Bethesda Mission. Consistently, the underlying theme for your giving is the impact of changing the lives of hurting men, women, and children.

So, through the eyes of our guests, here are heartfelt thank you’s from men and women guests currently living in our Shelters, and children attending programs at our Community Center.

Because you gave,

“It’s more than just a program, it’s more than just a place to stay… it’s more than just a free meal, clean clothing, etc. It’s the beginning of a whole new life with a completely different outlook from hopelessness and despair, to faith and courage through Christ Jesus, through whom all things are possible. I’m grateful, I’m blessed. Even on days when it doesn’t always feel like it. I know I have a hope and a faith that is truly internal. I thank God for the mission of hope; we thank God for all of the love, compassion, time, endurance and guidance that you give us through Jesus.” ~ Tammara

“I am so thankful for the Bethesda Mission Community Center (BMCC) staff because I feel that when others don’t listen or support me, they encourage and support me through everything.” ~ Kelli L. (15 years old)

“The BMCC has taught me that I am loved!” ~ Melody V. (9 years old)

“For the first time in 30 years, I have hope. I have been mentored and nurtured by caring staff who have helped me stay in school, and I will soon graduate – I can see a future worth living for. I, soon with the will of God, will become a Certified Recovery Specialist so I will be able to give back as you have given back to me to others in need.” ~ Warren D.

“The BMCC is my second family and has walked with me through some of the most painful times in my life.” ~ Jordan A. (16 years old)

Because you gave,

“The BMCC is a place of love for me. It is a place where you can come to learn about God and how to be a good person.” ~ Na’Mier H. (9 years old)

“I just graduated from Bethesda’s Recovery Program and am now living at Trinity House’s AfterCare ministry, becoming independent – I am rejoicing because of what I have become.” ~ Karl K.

“I am truly grateful for the many blessings and opportunities I have received through Bethesda and its volunteers. I now have a great relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and have been clean and sober now almost a year through His grace!” ~ Robert E.

“I greatly appreciate everything the Mission has done for me and is still doing. God bless and thank you!” ~ William S.

“I love volunteering at the center because when I come in the doors, I experience love and I see it all over the kids.” ~ Sue (volunteer)

Because you gave,

Every one of our 60 full and part-time staff and our hundreds of volunteers is enabled to use their God
given gifts to impact the hurting men, women, and children we are privileged to serve.

Each day, in Jesus name, we offer opportunities to these individuals, each struggling to survive, to realize the possibility that their lives can experience real hope. For many, we rejoice that this becomes a reality, and we tell their stories of inspiration, of how they have discovered a loving God and a personal relationship with the creator of the universe and Savior of the world.

This becomes the motivation for our guests to rise from their dormitory beds (or mattresses); for our children attending Community Center programs to get up for another day of school; or for our staff and volunteers, to leave their homes knowing that God has a plan for each one of them to experience His amazing grace and mercy.

You, our donors, are a rich blessing, and so we dedicated this appeal to the generosity of your finances, your time, and your prayers. Because you give, we receive the fuel for this ministry of 103 years to be successful in changing the course of hundreds of lives every year.

Our sincere and heartfelt thanks, for you are a treasure with everlasting impact!

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