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2022 Volunteer of the Year Award: Nanette Barber

Nanette Barber is a faithful and supportive volunteer at the Women’s Mission and has been for many years. She shares songs, stories, and desserts to bring cheer to the House. She has served in various capacities, such as participating with the Ladies’ Auxiliary, covering our front desk, transporting our women, and being our ladies’ special guest at Christmas dinner events.

While working at the front desk, Nanette often crochets. She teaches others how to crochet as well, going as far as to bring in extra supplies to ensure they could participate. She would also bring in delicious baked treats, like chocolate chip cookies, banana bars, and zucchini bread.

Nanette is a retired nurse and a wonderful servant of the Lord. As Shelley Brooks (Director of the Women’s Mission) put it, Nanette is the “go-to volunteer for anything! Planned or unexpected—short or long term—happy and sad situations—Nanette is volunteer par excellence in our eyes and hearts.”

(Miss) Nanette is family to those who stay and work at the Women’s Shelter. She is one of the first people we call if we need some kind of assistance or grandmotherly love. We know she loves to bring us her very best, and that she does all things with love.

Nanette has touched many hearts over the years and helped Bethesda Mission feel like a home for countless women. We are very grateful for our volunteers like Nanette, and we could not function as effectively without wonderful people like her to enhance our guests’ lives!

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