Year: 2021

Hope for Mothers

Donors will often tell us how much they are encouraged by hearing the stories about our guests finding a refuge for healing and the wonderful progress they have made, successfully…

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Called According to His Purpose: Ashley’s Story

Our Women’s Shelter building is in the midst of great change – there is tearing down and rebuilding going on. I think it’s a visual representation of what goes on…

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In Memoriam – Ron Katzman

Many pages would be needed to adequately capture the contribution to Bethesda Mission of Ron Katzman, who entered into the presence of our Savior on January 8, 2021. Eighty-eight years…

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Leave a Legacy with Giftwise

We have an exciting program to share with you, our donors! Have you thought about what will happen to your earthly belongings when you pass on? You can leave a…

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Compassion on Steroids

“Life Recovery is a long process, not for frail at heart, there are no quick fixes; it’s expensive to deliver, but far outweighs the price tag.” Our story this time…

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Challenges of Reaching Teenagers

In 2019 we held the Grand Opening of Phase 1 of our expanded Community Center. Last month in the January Newsletter we overviewed one of our new programs taking place…

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