Community Center Building Project

“Let the Fireproofing Spread”

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our goal

The Vision

Up on the Hill, literally, at the top of Herr Street, headed east from Cameron Street, is a small center birthed inside an old closed-down fire station. The children and teens coming to our Youth Center, and their families, are being fireproofed to cope with and absorb challenges they face, to find hope and success, all from a foundation of experiencing the love of God expressed through the mentoring and nurturing of dedicated, gifted adults.

The Renovation

  • 108 year-old former fire station; converted into Youth Center in 1990
  • For 25 years we’ve been building equity in the Herr Street community of Northern Allison Hill, Harrisburg; reaching 50-75 kids and their families annually
  • HVAC, electrical, plumbing, restrooms all need complete overhaul; no ADA accessibility; Yet the building is structurally sound
  • Currently no outdoor play area or parking; transporting kids in vans and cars to parks; indoor gym narrow area/former firetruck bays
  • Staff have done wonderful job with severely limited facility; cramming many kids into building, turning some away  


The Expansion

  • The expanded land and renovated facilities will enable a much greater variety of indoor and outdoor activities and services for children, teens and adults.
  • The newly acquired .55 acres/10,000 sf former printing building will offer a legitimate gym/activity center for athletics (raise the roof to 22’), creative arts, education and IT support systems, music studio, banquets/large events, outdoor play area, senior activities.
  • Will be able to reach 150-200 kids and families.

Project costs and funding

Project Costs

Renovate Existing Youth Center                  $563,926
New Entryway                                               $499,952
Renovate Printing Bldg for Gym                  $1,077,875
Outdoor Play Area/Parking                          $138,951
Total:                                                             $2,208,839


Foundation Grants Approved                          $562,500
Stabler Foundation Match                                $500,000
Individuals, Businesses, Churches (400)       $ 314,702
Total Raised So Far:                                    $1,343,712

Ways to Give

  • Cash & publically traded securities
  • Real estate valued at actual proceeds realized by Bethesda Mission
  • Current cash value of life insurance policies where Bethesda Mission becomes owner and beneficiary of policy
  • Estate gifts under wills and trusts paid or in process of being paid due to expiration of all intervening contingencies

Naming Options

Significant contributors may qualify for naming rights to new areas of the building:

  • Gymnasium in newly acquired printing building
  • Outdoor play area
  • Fellowship hall in firehouse
  • 2nd floor classroom(s) in firehouse; computer lab
  • Kitchen upgrades
  • Gym equipment

Contact Scott Dunwoody for more information at 717-257-4442 x229 or